Google Analytics for Beginners | My review

My Google Analytics knowledge is okay but I want to delve deeper into where websites are leaking customers, so this knowledge really needs to be better. I started with the GA Beginners course and passed in July 2018.

I learnt a heck of a lot. I’ve always been pretty worried about clicking and getting lost in the system. After completing the course, I’m very click-often. That’s the only way for me to learn. Click, click, click, get lost – this usually ends in an ‘aha!’ moment. Now I can see if there are leaks per device – what’s the mobile vs desktop bounce rate? I’m putting events on links to see which ones customers click on. I’ve set up eCommerce tracking. I’ve set up goals so I can see funnels and where drop-offs are. I’ve set up custom reports so I can follow customers who visit from Facebook and what the metrics are for those customers when compared to ones who came direct. It’s awesome. It’s like I was only scratching the surface before.

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