Interaction Design Foundation courses for UX, Design, Research, Usability

Belle is shocked I got a year’s membership for £54

I’ve been looking around at courses for a while. Although I’d love to do some ConversionXL ones, they’re just too dear… (sorry Peep). I’m in a UX Slack group and someone mentioned IDF (Interaction Design Foundation). I’d never heard of them. I googled and found they’ve got pretty good reviews about’town so I did even MORE googling and found a 25% discount code via UX Pin’s review blog post.

With a membership you get:

  • access to LOADS of courses, from beginners to advanced
  • certificates when you’ve completed a course (so you can spam linkedin to death)
  • information about local meetups
  • questions throughout the courses are marked by industry-led pro’s who grade your answers

I decided to go with Information Visualization: Getting Dashboards Right first because I’m getting my hands into Data Studio at work. Knowing how to lay out data in the best possible way would really benefit me.

A new lesson is available each week (I get an email reminder) that’s split into 10+ individual tasks which take anything from 8-15 mins to complete.

UI of the “Interaction Design Foundation” course lessons
UI within a lesson – including my expert Photoshop “outer glow” skills

If you struggle to study in your own time because of boredom or not being able to focus using an online website, then I’d try this. I get bored/tired easily (even though it’s a subject I’m really interested in) because I usually study after work when I’m tired. The tasks/sub-lessons are split into manageable chunks so I’ve been doing a few when I have time/not too tired, or even just 1 if I cba.


Before I even started a course, I had a certificate in my inbox proving my membership. No-one reads the stuff you post on LinkedIn do they??… I could probably put it up pretending I’ve completed 25 courses and aced them all.

Negatives of Interaction Design Foundation UI

Okay these are small but really get on my nerves.

Sticky bar

It takes up 1/4 of my screen. I like to “read” in the middle of my screen so having the top nav always there distracts me and reduces the space I have above where I’m reading (If I want to re-read a paragraph which happens 90% of the time).

Hyphens: auto

Whyyyyy? Honestly, NO NEED. Someone has actually added this as CSS, it isn’t there by default. It makes it impossible for me to read that word. It makes me pause the sentence in my head whilst my eyes move to the left of the next line. Not good. Every lesson I load, I go into inspect and MANUALLY change this so it doesn’t split words over 2 lines.