My education

I’ll put it right out there – I didn’t go to University. I don’t have a degree.

Where I fall down in BSc, I make up for with passion, motivation and hard work.

I got 8 A-C GCSEs.

After school I worked 3 jobs until I landed my 1st job at Britannia. Whilst working in the online mortgages processing team, I did a HTML course at Buxton University which helped me get a web developer job (still at Britannia) in the Internet team. I was very much thrown in at the deep-end. During my employment here I did several short web design courses through The Open University and freelance web builds using WordPress.

My next role was a Web Developer building WordPress websites. It was in this role I started being interested in UX. It was unavailable in this role so that’s when I left and started at Quint.

See my career so far for more employment-related info.

I’m a self-learner. If I don’t know something, I’ll go and learn it. Here are my recent completed courses:

  • Heuristic analysis frameworks for conversion optimization audits, CXL, June 2019
  • CRO: Winning on mobile, Google, September 2019


  • Building high conversion web forms, Udacity, April
  • SEO training for business growth, Hubspot, June
  • Google Analytics for beginners, July
  • Ecommerce Analytics: data to decisions, Google, July
  • Google Analytics advanced, August
  • People-centred designing, Open Learn, OU, September

In particular the Google Analytics courses, I’ve learned things which I’ve put into practice. I learned how to find leaks in funnels on specific devices. I noticed a leak on a particular device, so we investigated by 1. checking that exact device with the same browser 2. watching recordings on Hotjar of customers with the same device. In the end after thoroughly testing the journey, we didn’t spot anything which prevented the customers from converting. But my knowledge has improved and I now know what to look for.

In my spare time

I read endless Medium stories (mainly UX planet), I keep up to date with NN Group, designs at Gov & CRO advances in Paul Boag’s UX Slack channel. I read the latest articles on Peep Laja’s and I subscribe to The Drum to keep up to date with the latest in the Marketing industry. I follow exceptional people on Linkedin who I discuss tools with (the latest being how to properly use heat maps).