My recommendations

Over the years I’ve gone back again and again to certain websites and people. Seeing as though I remember them, they must be worth a mention.

Sarah Parmenter,

Sarah is a designer who I’ve followed for years. I get a lovely warm feeling whenever I see anything Sarah has posted. Her work is beautiful, stylish, and I have hair envy from every single one of her photos. She’s definitely an inspiration of mine – a strong and honest lady in a man-dominated industry/world.

Paul Boag,

Mr King of UX, IMO. He’s awesome and very dry so I instantly like him. He does the bigger UX’y stuff such as strategy and making stakeholders understand and see the value of CRO and UX. His podcast is amazing (I’ve not only learned a ton, but I’ve (many a time) looked a complete knob walking into town on my lunch from laughing at his awks jokes. I’ve also met some wonderful and inspiring folk in his Slack channel.

Wait but why,

If you haven’t seen Tim Urban’s procrastination video OMG you have missed out my friend. I recommend it to everyone. It’s just, amazing. WATCH IT HERE! (no monkeys were harmed in the making of this link) Also if you want to actually laugh out loud (not the ‘haha’-I-barely-smiled-kinda-laugh) but actual crying of amusement kinda LOL, then check out his article on an awkward time in a coffee shop.


What am I learning in 2018?

In June I decided to get my arse in gear to really get some new skills and a more thorough understanding of what I love – UX and CRO.

In June I completed “The 2018 SEO Training Course: Building Sustainable Traffic for Business Growth” from Hubspot to help me understand how to write content and how to build rankings and followers. I learned the importance of writing for customers and NOT for search engines. Cross-link to other areas of your site, to keep customers on there longer. Only recommend relevant ones though. Also, if you want to get to the top of Google’s ‘how-to’ results you need to write your blog in a way where you split the content up into headings which describe how to do the task. If your list is featured, you’ll get the position higher than #1.

I started with the GA Beginners course and passed in July 2018. I learnt a heck of a lot and decided to write about it to tell you about my experience.

After doing the GA Beginners I didn’t want to throw myself into the Advanced (but will be doing shortly) so I completed the course: Ecommerce analytics – from data to decisions which is very useful if you have an eCommerce store. Looking at how certain referrals affect your site is really interesting. For example, you might get lots of people visit your site from Facebook but they don’t buy. You might think it’s a wasted Facebook ad or whatever, but later they come back as Direct and purchase. It all links together and from this course I’m now able to see how it all goes together.

Research-driven optimisation

I watched Peep Laja’s optimisation course on and it blew my mind. I’m also featured as a reviewer.


I’m famous now

He talks about how if you want to raise your conversion rate, lower the price! Lower the laptop you’re selling to $5 and your conversion rate will go through the roof! This basic understanding has really driven home just how much more there is for me to learn. Not that I thought this was an actual valid idea – just that much more thought and data-driven facts (to make up a hypothesis) is required by my ol’noodle. Much more thinking than I have been doing anyway.

The main website,, has a ton of resources including a very funky and sophisticated A/B testing calculator to help you figure out all the details including how much money you’ll make from X% conversion rate lift. I love how numbers are so black and white. They are truth.

These guys and gals have the best blog around. It’s my most frequently bookmarked and shared blog. The amount of knowledge they share for FREE is mental and very very nice. See their free stuff here and their new book here.