Couch to 5k – week 6, run 3

Warm up: 5 minutes
Run: 25 minutes
Cool down: 5 minute walk

The thought of doing this filled me with dread ALL DAY today. I probably shouldn’t have gone to be honest. Today is Monday, and I went to the gym yesterday and Saturday (I did legs and they’re still aching). Thank goodness for my foam roller which I used yesterday, that got most of the kinks out.

The first 5 minutes were the worst… mid-run I seriously doubted if I’d be able to continue. It’s my own fault; a few minutes into the run, I arrive at the bottom of a small-ish road which is on an incline for about 3 minutes. 3 minutes doesn’t sound long but when you’ve just started running and not a pro, it’s hard.

I had Jo Whiley talking to me tonight. She told me after 5 minutes that I had run for 5 minutes. Lovely. Then it seemed AGES before she spoke again….. I thought she’d tell me every 5 minutes but OH NO, the next time she uttered a word was after another 7.5 minutes – half way. I then heard the fabulous sound of the half-way bell. At this point, I’d just reached the top of another hill. This time, a bigger and very looooong hill. Massively pissed off at being ignored by Jo but happy at finally reaching half way. I love half way because it’s all down hill. Hurrah!

So into my 22nd minute, I decide to start jogging a bit faster (I’ve started to do this during weeks 4/5/6). My first injury then reared its ugly head… my groin then after a minute, my IT band (my knee)… argh!! I finally reached 25 minutes after slowing down to actual pain in my knee. The joy from running non-stop for 25 minutes was massively overshadowed by this. Gutted.

I used to get this pain a while ago, which is why I stopped running in the first place. Your IT band runs all the way down the outside of your leg from your hip to knee, and if not properly looked after, it becomes tight and is incredibly painful. Read more here. There are exercises to help stretch it, this being the best I’ve found. You know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the week. Thank shitbags my next run isn’t until Friday… 4 days to recover.

when I got in, I decided the floor was my friend

So as you can see, when I got in I was shattered. 2 days at the gym followed by a 25 minute run is clearly too much.

Chuffed to bits I went though. The weather here is snowy and windy and I was nearly put off.

25 minutes is the longest I’ve ran EVER.

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