How can Hotjar polls be useful for improving your website?

Customer feedback of course!  

I use Hotjar on my website I have the free package. With the free package, you get some useful bits out of it. Such as….

  • A maximum of 2,000 page views per day
  • Polls
  • Form analysis 
  • Recordings


First you need to ask yourself why you’d need customer feedback.

What use could it be at what step in the journey? I asked myself this and decided I wanted to get my customers feedback on my website and the purchase journey. Was it easy, could it be better, did they run into any problems? 

I currently use a Hotjar poll to obtain feedback in the form of a text-box – I don’t give customers options to choose. I ask them to write their own feedback. This is SO useful because it gets the customer to answer just as they would want – I’m not putting any words in their mouth. Also, if I created a poll with pre-made answers, they might pick one that’s not really relevant but they wanted to send me something. It’s also giving them a list of potential problems with my site – not what I want! 

I didn’t want to add a poll within the purchase journey because I didn’t want to distract a customer from purchasing one of my items. I decided to put the poll on the last page of this journey – the “Thank you” page. At this stage, they’ve purchased the product and I can genuinely ask them about the checkout process because they’ve completed it. Research tells us once you’ve bought something, you’re on a bit of a high, so taking the opportunity to ask the customer at this point improves the likeliness they won’t mind giving up a few more minutes of their time to let you know about their experience! 

A picture of the Hotjar poll asking the customer, How was shopping on my website?
Rating the shopping experience, 0-10

I first ask the customer to rate their experience between 1-10. This helps lead them into the survey as it’s a simple question with the 10 possible answers in front of them. I wouldn’t start with a taxing question that requires a lot of thinking or reading as this would most likely put them off from even starting the poll. 

Picture of Hotjar poll I have on my website asking the customer if I could improve anything as part of the customer experience
The 2nd question in the poll, this time with a text box for the answer

I only have 2 questions, the 2nd being the question that asks for a response in a text-box. I don’t start with this question because I don’t believe the customer is warmed up to thinking about my website at this point. The 1st question which asks them to rate my website prepares them and eases them into the 2nd question which is slightly more demanding on their time and memory! 


The poll is shown to customers on the 3 available devices: mobile, desktop, tablet. I’ve set it to show after 5 seconds, to give the customer chance to read the page. If they are a repeat customer, the poll will show until they submit a response. Looking at my customers, repeat orders aren’t often because they are usually for christenings or weddings.

I can tell you that 1 in 5 completes the poll. A 20% conversion rate? I’ll take it.

It’s anonymous, so I can’t reply or thank the customer, but there is a message at the end of the poll which thanks them for their time. 

I get so excited when I get a response pop up in my inbox. It’s really fascinating to read what customers have to say. It’s even better when they have a suggestion or feedback, because that’s when I can improve. I built and designed the site using WordPress so to have such great feedback really makes me happy! 

Examples of feedback

A customer rated my website 8/10 for “How was shopping on my website?” Thankfully, they gave me reasons why I missed out on that 2.

When selecting ribbon colour there was no longer photo of album so I had to go back to help work out which way round I wanted it

Without this feedback, I’d never have known the issues one of my products was causing! Unfortunately it’s not a problem I have been able to solve, but I’ve done other actions on the page to help.

I built the website so I’m completely blind to things like this, so having real customers give me this feedback is absolutely invaluable.

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