I walk every day and go for longer walks at the weekend with my husband and dogs. I like to workout with weights, skipping & pilates. I love to read; currently reading LOTR even though I’ve seen the films a million times (not exaggerating). Oh I love films (judge me all you want but my favourites are: The Matrix, You’ve Got mail, Red Dragon, The Departed, True Romance, Dracula, & Walter Mitty – to name a few) I make personalised guestbooks and have a tiny beauty blog where I review cruelty-free potions & lotions to my 200 followers (mostly family). I’ve also started doing Figma tutorials on Youtube to help others learning.

Weird snippets:

  • I’m Hufflepuff
  • I’m ISFP: introverted adventurer. I love being part of a hard-working, friendly team where I contribute but I thrive working on my own
  • My favourite book: Dracula by Bram Stoker
  • I’m a vegetarian