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I read 2 useful articles on Personas: and

… so I decided to create some for a website I built previously: This websites sells personalised wedding items mainly guest books.

Getting into a persona really helped me understand the customers pain points

For example, as they are planning a wedding, they are likely to be busy and/or stressed. Therefore, their journey has to be seamless and as easy as possible, otherwise, too much effort will be too much and they’ll leave without converting. They might be on a budget, so clearing displaying prices with offers would simplify the journey. 

You should make journeys as simple as possible anyway, using standards/heuristics, but building a persona really helps drive it home to understand the users goals and pain points. 

A person’s goals on your website:

The main goal is to buy a product
More specifically, to buy a personalised wedding guestbook 

  • A person’s motivations for using your website

They’ve seen what I sell on a platform i.e. Facebook – and they like it

They like the fact their item is hand-made to order and personalised to them 

  • A person’s current pain points or frustrations:

As they are planning a wedding, they might be stressed so they need to purchase with minimal fuss 

As they are potentially stressed planning a wedding, they might have forgotten to order a guestbook and it’s very last minute (a big need of theirs would be to know delivery timescales) 

  • Some demographic data such as age/location/sex:

Woman aged 22 – 35**, UK

100% of the visitors to the website currently are women 

  • A quote that captures their attitude in general, or towards the product:

They want quality and personalisation. 

Price isn’t their main motivation. 

  • A short bio about their background:

Both in the couple have a job and are engaged, with potential to already have children. 

They have a mortgage

They own at least 1 car 

They are financially comfortable

They want a guestbook to capture messages from their friends and family, so this means they are friends/family-orientated – (+ potential to recommend your product to several others) 

  • A person’s technical ability along with which devices they use and how often:

Some are tech-savvy, others aren’t so much. They may have seen an ad on Facebook. If they’ve seen the ad using the Facebook app on mobile, the chances are they’ll use their mobile to visit the website and potentially purchase from the mobile too. 

  • Other brands or websites they may like:

As they are ordering stuff for their own wedding, they might be crafty and have already made some items for their wedding. They may be familiar with eBay and Etsy. 

Short and sweet.

I hope you enjoyed how I came up with one specific type of customer, who visits This is just 1 persona. There can be many several which visit a website – think about Amazon. When you have that many different types of customer visiting your website, creating a persona would (surely) be impossible(?) so go with what everybody wants.

Such as:
– generic design
– fast to load
– reviews
– nice and simple ordering system


The average age that men in the UK get married is 30.8 and the average age to get married for women is 28.9 years.

The results of's study found that the average age of a single woman getting married is now 30.8 years old, up just over eight years from 1971, when the average was 22.6 years.

For men, the average age is now 32.7 years old, compared to 24.6 back in 1971.

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