Using Hotjar heatmaps to improve the user journey

I wrote a blog which gives the user the option to download 3 different PDFs which are positioned at the end of the content. Above these downloads, I included a thumbnail image of each PDF, giving a sneak peak to let the user see them first before deciding whether or not to download.

Giving the user a sneak-peak helps to build trust because they can see what I’m offering. The likelihood of them not being able to download or downloading something different now is less likely because they’ve already seen a preview.

I wrote the blog so quickly I never gave this a second thought, until I set up heat maps in Hotjar.

I’ve been in the CRO and UX field for a lot of years now so this to me, is an obvious thing that should have been done when I sent it live.

You live and learn.

I didn’t put the PDFs to download when you click the image – big mistake!

The top image is getting a lot of action but it isn’t clickable!

As you can see from this image, the top image is getting a lot of action! Unfortunately that image isn’t a link to the PDF but users are expecting it to be. The links are at the bottom, where the rest of the action is happening.

After seeing this I immediately went and added links to the relevant images.

This is why using qualitative data is so important to understand what your users are doing, even if (now) it’s glaringly obvious!

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